Is it better to sell on ebay or amazon?

To state a fact, it is true that nowadays online e-commerce platforms and now taking a very huge leap towards the growth. This is because nowadays people prefer to purchase each and every thing online rather than going and visiting different stores in their area. Two of the biggest e-commerce platforms which are being used worldwide or eBay and Amazon. Now if you speak about this type of e-commerce platforms, then they both allows you to sell products as well if you are selling anything. So, the question that can arise here would be that is it better to sell on ebay or amazon. Well, in this article will be discussing both of the platforms and what are the things that you have to know about both the platforms if you have to sell on them.

Amazon Vs Ebay selling fees

If we speak about the selling fees, then both of them has very different structures. Speaking of eBay, then there are two types of selling fees and the structure of it is quite easy to understand. For example: there is an insertion fees, which is the fees that is charged to any seller if in case they cross the threshold limit of the free product listing, which 250. Then there is final value fee in eBay which is the pay you are supposed to pay when your products are listed on the platform and it is to be paid on the basis of final sales price of the product. It also includes the shipping and handling fees of the product. It also has payment processing fees and optional listing upgrade fees.

On the other hand, if we speak about amazon seller fees then it depends upon the services that you want the platform to perform on behalf of yours. So the cost of selling will depend upon factors like the product size, type, material, and more. It also has two selling plans that you can use on the platform, namely, individual selling plan, and professional selling plan. If in case you are selling very less units like 40, then you can take individual plan. You can sign up for free, but their will be a cost of $0.99 per sold item. Also, there will be an additional selling fees that will depend upon the kind of product that you are selling. In professional plan, there is a monthly fees of around $39.99 excluding selling fees.

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