Top Ways to Use AR for Marketing in Right Way

Term ‘Augmented Reality’ is sure to bring visuals of the bulky and high-tech innovations directly from the futuristic science-fiction film. But, in easy terms, AR as described by Ronn Torossian as the virtual enhancements in form of images, audio, and graphics that are integrated in the real-world experiences and objects.

In such scenario, improving your new-age digital efforts, which includes AR experiences, will give you a little edge. Augmented reality and its importance within this digital marketing sphere is increasing, and many brands are adapting to Augmented Reality innovations within the marketing & sales strategies and this was taken forward by 5WPR founder.

What’s AR Marketing?

In simple terms, AR technology helps to embody and embed marketing content in the customer environment. On the other hand, it is thought as the marketing and sales strategy that will allow the brands to help their consumers interact positively with them & make better and smarter buying choice and reduce the returns.

Allow customers to try the products before buying

Ronn Torossian

Customers have wanted to try various products before they consider buying them. Cosmetic samples, fitting rooms, auto test drives, and other concepts show effectiveness of such type of sales strategy. AR shopping experiences are the increasing trends in today’s retail industry.

Making use of AR, the prospective customers will model and try various clothing items, makeup, and home-related items without any need to interact with them. Augmented Reality negates need for the large physical inventory that allows users to try on and sample dozens or hundreds of products in search of one that meets their requirements.

Help in Customer Purchasing Decisions

Immersive and interactive Augmented Reality will help the marketer to measure engagement. Generally, brands using new-age technology that wows and surprises shoppers end up being the first choice. Future of AR marketing looks very bright, particularly when it is combined with various other technologies such as Internet of Things and machine learning.

AR is useful not just for entertainment and gaming industries, but presents tangible and real solutions that helps to drive better sales and make marketing innovations. This will help the forward-looking retailers & brands provide users customized experiences, which will drive better growth.

Enhancing Customer Engagement

Although AR is around for years, people cannot get enough of this, particularly now that user experience is very simple. With AR, users may just point the device’s camera to any augmented Reality QR scan code, and experience comes to life automatically.