Best places online to buy dog food and supplies


There are a lot of online sites and physical retailers that have a smorgasbord of canine dinner choices. Whether your pup eats a common dog food or needs something a bit more specialized. You can take advantage of auto-ship programs or free delivery once you shop online. So you will not run out of dog food, treats and toys.

Yet stores also have rewards programs, curbside pick-up, and sometimes same-day delivery. Selection and prices may differ, yet once you find what you are looking for. It amounts to preference and convenience.

dog food, treats and toys

Best Places to buy dog food and other supplies

  • Chewy

Chewy is an amazing place to go for a wide selection of dog food. During the latest search, there were a lot of options, more than 2,000 in dry food. While 1,500 in wet food, there are also available raw food, dehydrated food. Veterinary diets and fresh meals. Chewy fans enjoy the quick delivery that they have and seldom that it runs out of stock. They also have great customer service via chat or email. With many regular sales on foods and also pet supplies.

  • Petsmart

Petsmart has about 1,650 local stores with a broad online selection. Petsmart operates in Puerto Rico, the United States, Canada, and has a popular online store. It has broad choices of canned, dry, and veterinary diets. Also, they have available frozen food, fresh food, and food toppers. For orders that have over $49 to most places in the United States, they provide free shipping.

  • Target

Target has well-known dog food brands like Iams, Blue Buffalo, and Halo. Also, the company’s Kindful brand, with no preservatives. No artificial flavors or colors. You won’t find high-end premium foods or veterinarian diets. Yet there are more than 2 dozen well-known brands that are well-priced and easy to locate. There are also many shopping choices available at Target.

  • Amazon

Amazon is a great online site with a broad selection of products and sizes. You can search everything from budget-friendly mainstream alternatives. To high-end and difficult to get to brands. It takes about 2 days once you’re a prime member and shipping is also free. Yet, if you’re not a member, the shipping fee is more than $25 and takes 4-5 days. Once you’re looking for new food, Amazon makes it very easy to look for. Depending on its health benefits, flavor, life stage, and food feature. Amazon also has organic and specialty natural foods.

  • Petco

Petco has almost 1,500 stores across the U.S. This comprises Puerto Rico and across Mexico. And it also has more than 100 in-store vet clinics. There are broad online choices of dog food. That varies from canned and dry to freeze-dried, and veterinary diets.

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