Pilates and Yoga Is A Combination With Proven Results

Pilates is a core enhancement practice. A good Pilates program provides exercises that affect every muscle group in the body; strength building, flexibility, and posture improvement. The idea is a quality over quantity topic in which you can focus on different body parts when practicing the correct alignment and still benefit the whole body. Even with fewer reps, the use of specific engaged muscles allows an efficient exercise. Core Plus exercises promote muscle mass strength. The connection of the breath and the focus on the spinal alignment improve the relationship between the mind and the body.

Briefly, Pilates is designed to provide a strong, toned, and healthy body.

Yoga has been developed and used by every generation over 5000 years ago. The ancient art of the connected mind-body strengthens and extends our bodies. Yoga practice may have changed over the centuries, but even now, in our lives, we can adapt the fundamental lessons.

Yoga is a practice of postures designed to bring your body and mind ultimate health and fitness. It’s a practice that uses the breath to focus the mind on the body and improve the practice’s strength, flexibility, mental clarity, and calmness. You will practice standing, sitting, kneeling, prone, and reclining positions through your yoga practice. Reverses, torsions, side stretches, balancing positions, and muscle lengthening bring your body balance.

Core Plus

Is the result yogic? A lighter feeling all over the body and mind. Stress relief in the best way possible.

The Mixture…

When the two practices are combined, we can add Pilates’ postural benefits and core strength into our yoga practice and make yoga flexible and mental.

Yoga positions are going to improve. You can stand taller, tighten up your core more efficiently and add strength to every position. With the added flexibility, balance, and awareness that yoga brings, your Pilates practice will improve.

Many Pilates exercises come from yoga positions. You will see the similarities. Sometimes, when I teach a mixed class of yoga and Pilates, I practice Pilates’ exercises and hold them in the yoga pose for additional flexibility.

Many Pilates exercises promote self-sufficiency but provide additional strength, as your abdominal and stabilizing muscles normally contract when you are moving. Using core force while maintaining correct alignment, you often work the entire body to move correctly.

Building your core strength – and that means your power section: your lower abs, lower back, and hip band – reduces the risk of hurting your lower back significantly. Lower back injury is probably the most common injury in all sizes and forms.

Poor posture is another cause for concern. If you have poor posture, your body is out of balance, and most people are unbalanced by repeated movements related to work. Yoga and Pilates both improve posture and bring balance to the body.

You can practice every type of exercise separately or find a combination class in your vicinity. Training videos are available both for and for combinations. Try it in your home or try it in a Core Plus.

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