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A boat represents a significant financial investment, and you should take precautions to safeguard it. You may want to think about putting your yacht in a secure storage facility. You may delegate the maintenance of your ship to a professional to save time and effort. Patterson Lakes Marina is a safe boat storage and mooring facility in Melbourne and St Kilda suitable for boat storage and mooring. Patterson Lakes Marina serves as a gateway to the Port Phillip Bay and the Peninsula regions of Victoria. The Marina in St Kilda is the place to go whether you want to view St Kilda’s Luna Park from the sea, the grandeur of Queenscliff, or the beaches of Sorrento. Your boat, whether on land or in water, is protected during the off-season. Inquire for rates on dry and wet berths, jet ski storage, and trailer and boat storage in conjunction with other services.

Whether you want to go to the peninsula or view St Kilda from the sea, Patterson Lakes Marina is the ideal place to store your boat in a safe and secure marina. Contact the team for more information. They provide the members with superior dry stack storage and wet berths at a competitive pricing structure.

An opulent and magnificent harbor

Beginning with the first cold weather, every individual experiences an exciting time in their life. When it comes to boat and yacht owners, the winter season is particularly memorable. This is because, in constantly changing weather conditions, you must carefully adhere to the regulations for caring for your beloved vessel. The marina is home to various eating establishments for people who want to have a meal by the sea to start or end their day. A gym, swimming pool, and conference rooms are available to members only at the PLM club.

The most hazardous months for your boat are the winter months when the weather is cold. If your yacht is not prepared for winterization, winter weather may cause severe damage. So, you’ve purchased the ideal boat; now, where are you going to store it? When not in use, many boat owners prefer to keep their boats at home in a driveway, yard, or garage and trailed them down to the boat launch when they want to go out fishing or boating.

However, it may be preferable for everyday boaters to keep the boat on the water since it will be more accessible and launch more quickly. Fuel stabilizers, engine water draining, and antifreeze addition are just a few steps in winterizing a vehicle. Imagine a boat to think of it as a methodical process that needs a systematic approach from beginning to end. Besides, maintaining your vessel’s condition and performing regular maintenance is the most effective method to keep it in excellent shape for the new season and prolong its working life. Weather circumstances and technological skills dictate whether winter storage should be done outside or inside; nevertheless, both alternatives are viable.


In addition, members are provided with access to our 24-hour fuel dock, which is situated in Patterson Lakes’ Inner Harbour. If you need diesel or unleaded gasoline, you may fill your tank at the fuel dock as you want. Please remember that you must have either a credit or debit card with a PIN to buy gasoline from the fuel dock.

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