The most effective benefits of keeping fish

Over the past four years, my passion for fish farming has increased in size and depth. I not only increased the number of aquariums from one to seven, but also experimented with breading various types of cichlids.

According to my observations, many people do not like to engage in this hobby because of the feeling that serving a fish and an aquarium is a difficult task. However, my experience suggests that the benefits of keeping fish far exceed the tasks it requires.

  1. Bring home a piece of nature

Every time I see schools of fish in a pond or pond, there is always an instant wave of joy. When I began to watch the fish, I gradually became mentally calm. Water and fish have the unique ability to calm the mind and cause great joy. I was always interested in the behavior of the fish and was always tempted to look for a more intimate experience with the fish.

Keeping fish at home makes it possible to observe them closely and personally. I can study the unique behavior of fish in an aquarium through competing in fish shows, which I cannot even do in a pond or pond. For less than a hundred dollars, you can create a miniature piece of nature at home. In fact, this is a wonderful and brilliant hobby. This gives me the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of tropical fish when and when I want.

It also satisfies my desire to gain a deeper understanding of the behavior of fish as a novice water scientist. In recent years, I have experienced the joy of successfully growing more than ten species of cichlids. I believe that this is an invaluable and exciting experience not only for me, but also for my family, especially for my seven-year-old son.

The most effective benefits of keeping fish

  1. Relaxation

Watching the fish swim smoothly gracefully in the aquarium with their dazzling colors, can really immerse you in deep relaxation and even lead to a state of trance.

My mind instantly feels more relaxed when I see a fish. When I let my eyes follow the fish and am fascinated by the graceful movement of the body and the moving colors of the fish, I dive deeper into relaxation. It is extremely therapeutic.

  1. Education for children

Most children are fond of fish when they first see the fish, usually in the form of a trip to a local fish merchant or fish farm. Keeping fish at home can teach children some good things:

* They will learn about fish habitats and other forms of aquatic life.

* They learn to care for small animals and aquatic plants.

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