An Overview On Rolca

Civilmart is Australia’s leading provider of substantive responses to the framework and development industry. Rocla has been part of the Civilmart Group since September 2021. Rocla offers an extraordinarily wide range of imaginative engineered responses for stormwater funnels, ditches, front walls and box culverts, sewer and access structures, water system, stormwater containment and treatment, water collection, water storage, extension, and maintenance of the land, so substantial wells, sections of buildings, pedestrian paths and railway sleepers. With strong skills in item planning and improvement, Rocla can provide standard items as well as aggregated responses that are worth meeting the customer’s explicit needs. All items are geared towards strength and sturdiness – the signs of the Rocla brand.


Like other extraordinary Australian organizations, Civilmart Rocla was born from humble beginnings in a rural shed. Two fellows – Walter Robertson and Heaton Clarke – joined the organization in 1922 and pieced together the underlying letters of their surnames to frame the Rocla® brand. More than 100 years later, the Rocla name continues to be related to large items.



Civilmart Rocla works setting up and negotiating offices, giving us broad inclusion, a decentralized customer service organization, and ample transport capacity. This enables us to offer a differentiated service to our customers, assembling the best items and transmitting them in a solid and timely manner.


The genuine strength and key differentiator of the Civilmart Rocla are its top-notch design capabilities. An item advance and improvement guarantee helped Rocla fulfill an administrative role, using the skills of experienced researchers and experts in the field of substantial materials applications. This unrivaled asset of design mastery is complemented by an uncompromising program of testing and quality assurance to ensure that Rocla’s customers receive excellent, robust, substantial arrangements.

Future growth

As pleased as the company is with the achievements and development that have denoted our past, the company is particularly pleased with the organization that Rocla is today. The company is also prepared for our future. The company is confident that an ever-evolving mindset for item advancement, coupled with an emphasis on functional efficiencies and vital stewardship, will enable us to meet our customers’ changing needs and openings for future development and extension.

Wellness and health

At Civilmart Rocla, well-being is our main objective. – Take Care Always’ is Civilmarts Rocla’s comprehensive wellness improvement program, launched in August 2006. It has proven incredibly fruitful because of its attention to worker behavior change. The Civilmart Rocla SAFE program aims to help leaders distinguish and investigate factors that affect security enforcement and to promote techniques and representatives to deliver quantifiable improvements. Civilmart Rocla is a functional individual from some industry affiliations that is at the heart of the organization’s motive.

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