Play the role you choose with paint by number colors

Remember those children’s parties when you were little, where you spent two hours running around your mother’s crazy living room with your friends, drinking gallons of fluorescent light, and generally excited and loud? All in all, there were some party games, such as tutus and musical statues, perhaps an artist such as a clown or wizard, and the highlight of the party would be if someone was there to paint faces! In those days, of course, there were only a few colors, and face colors were usually thick, wax crayons, which caused all kinds of riots in fancy clothes for parties and upholstered furniture, when the little guests got a little warm. and they began to rub their faces!

paint by number

However, the good news is that the new generation of face colors is much more advanced. Firstly, they come in a wide variety of colors and finishes, from clear shades to thick glossy colors and iridescent powders. Secondly, the new compounds are much more pleasant for the skin and other household items! They no longer contain allergenic ingredients or chemical additives, which means they will be easier to remove and cause fewer stains on dresses!

Make faces: with the book Fantastic Faces

If you have run out of ideas for a perfect facial appearance, mainly an assortment of green frogs, tiger stripes and flowering children, then you will love this fantastic book that will take your skills to the next level. It is filled with ideas and patterns for creating professional looking face designs, and it really helps you use your imagination to create new looks!

Disco Dazzle Makeup Kit – For Divas!

This is an ideal gift for children having a disco-themed party – the kit includes everything you need to create a truly stunning disco! There are shiny gels, shiny powders, foundations and different lip colors, as well as brushes, sponge and mirror. To consider them with this fantastic gift for the face is much better than to find them “dressing” in their expensive designer cosmetic bag, in any case, of course, from their point of view!

If these party painting ideas have inspired your party, look online to find out what else you can do to keep your meeting going uphill with paint by number. If you choose colors for a theme party, such as Lions and Tigers or Children of Flowers, find other items that can help you turn the theme into something special. Search the Internet for the widest range of souvenirs, jewelry, and accessories for your occasion.

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