How elderly people should protect themselves during corona pandemic?

After this deadly corona virus was introduced to the whole world, even normal uneducated people got to know about its nature and how it affects the body and who are more prone to getting affected. The people with developing immune system or which are weaker have lots of chances to getting seriously affected by this virus and even can result in death. Are you a doctor or nurse working in this pandemic situation? It is essential for you to use Surgical Masks to prevent yourself from getting in contact with this deadly virus.

Both infants and elderly people with weaker immune system or some medical complications have more chances of becoming seriously ill after getting affected by the virus. Here we have given some good ways to prevent yourself from this situation. Read below to find it.

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  • If you already know that you have some serious or moderate medical condition that you are presently undergoing, do follow the below steps to be safe. Do not go out of the house knowingly or unknowingly for any reason. This will break your shield and make you prone to public places that may already contain the virus. Never visit any new person or a relative by going to their house or at your own. Both are dangerous during this kind of situation. They may either contain the virus that you would easily get into yourselves when you treat or greet them. So avoid any meeting or parties for several months from now.
  • You may take the medications for your illness, along with it follow a good diet that is full of vitamins, minerals, protein and fibres to make it more healthy. This diet will obviously improve your immune system to protect yourself from this deadly virus. It doesn’t mean you won’t get this virus if you have a strong immune system. You will obviously get into your body if you come in contact with the virus, but medications given to control the virus multiplication will nicely respond if you have a stronger immune system to throw away the virus from your body. Doctors and nurses are asked to use Surgical Masksthat highly prevent the virus from entering one’s body and proper cleaning of the mask after each surgery is essential to kill the virus that may be present in masks.Use all the protective measures and safeguard yourselves.

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