The Common Supplies You Will Need for Your Ice Cream Shop

If you’re thinking of starting a business, you should think about what type of food or dessert will become an instant hit among children and adults. One perfect example is an ice cream shop, where you have the freedom to make your ideas into reality. When it comes to aesthetics, ice cream shops are on top of it all. In general, ice cream shops already have an enjoyable nature. So it’s easy to market it because you can add some exciting ideas into the mix. But the most critical step is to find the best equipment to help your business grow.

Choosing the right equipment and tools your ice cream shop needs is crucial to providing the best service. Aside from the personalized custom printed paper cups, you will have to go with the big guns. So what are the types of equipment you will need? Let’s find out here.

Production of Ice Cream

If you’re looking after the production of ice cream, there are two standard pieces of equipment. The first one is batch freezers, which are designed to produce batch after batch of ice creams, frozen yogurts, gelatos, and any form of frozen dessert. It’s a piece of essential equipment if you want to create your product on site. Another is the soft serve machines, which add a greater amount of air into the mix and maintain a high temperature to achieve a lighter consistency. It’s ideal for soft-serve ice creams or frozen yogurts. Some can hold two flavors, where you can mix two flavors into a swirl.

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Storage of Ice Cream

You can choose from chest freezers, hardening cabinets, and walk-in freezers when it comes to the storage of your ice cream. These will preserve your ice cream because they can be kept at an ideal temperature.

You can store a chest freezer at the back or the front of your store. There are chest freezers with sliding glass tops for self-serving access, while those with solid doors enhance insulation.

A hardening cabinet can preserve your ice cream to its best and highest quality state. For example, if your ice cream came out of the batch freezer at 16 °F, a hardening cabinet could force air all over the ice cream using fans. As a result, the product is frozen at -30 or -40 °F in four to ten hours.

Serving & Display of Ice Cream

Dipping cabinets are designed to store ice cream, gelato, and frozen desserts at an ideal temperature during the point of sale. You can adjust the temperature for a specific product. In addition, there are visual dipping cabinets that act as the main viewing area for the customers to choose a flavor of their ice cream. Finally, storage dipping cabinets are usually found at the back of the store, and they are used for both newly made ice cream and prepacked treats.

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