March 2, 2021

For the company’s growth

company secretarial Singapore

Profit and growth are the two main elements for which a business is run. Irrespective of the nature of the business, management, and the decisions taken by them take the business either to growth level or down. In such a way, it becomes difficult for start-ups to elevate their business to the next level. At any level, the companies might require the intervention of outside parties to deal with their financial processes. Although some of the big firms might not opt for this service, many other companies are welcoming external outsourcing companies to assist them in the financial transactions and provide them with suggestions to improve. The BoardRoom is one such firm that provides these kinds of services. They have their own team of chartered accountants and financial experts who have the experience and expertise in every field and use it to provide a useful and growth-oriented solution to the clients. Not just that, they also make sure that the future looks perfect without any hurdles. Their whole team will accompany their clients in every step of the journey. From the incorporation to the registration of the company, they ensure that all the processes are done as per the guidelines and comply with the legal regulations. Their company secretarial Singapore services are aimed especially for the people of Singapore. They have over 50 years of experience and are experts in the local market.

Company secretarial Singapore

What are the services?

The corporate secretarial services provided by BoardRoom are the most trusted ones in Singapore. The following are the step-by-step process followed;

  • Incorporation of private limited and pubic limited in accordance with the Singapore Companies Act.
  • Registration of foreign companies.
  • Renewal and registration of representative offices.
  • Business registration.
  • Registration of limited liability partnerships.
  • Advice on the application of employment and residency, dependent, and permanent passes.
  • Provision of nominee directors’ services.
  • Offer advice and assisting in on the annual statutory and regulatory compliance.
  • Providing effective and timely reporting to the relevant statutory authorities.
  • Deregistration of company.
  • Striking off a local/foreign company.
  • Liquidation/Voluntary liquidation of the company.
  • Acting as filing and process agents.

These are the most basic services offered by the BoardRoom. It is mandatory to choose them as they have the best team in the current times that are in-line with the latest regulatory changes and updates. It is extremely necessary to align with the current trends as they are ever-changing. Also, it is to be noted that the firm is Asia-Pacific’s leader in Corporate and Advisory services ranging from Regional payroll services to Human Resource outsourcing. To understand them better, visit their website and get a live experience of the services and future-oriented solutions that they provide to their clients. Also, refer them to the other companies who might need such services at present or in the future.