July 27, 2021

Protect your eyes with the blue light blocking glasses

blue light blocking glasses

Today, most of our lives revolve around looking at a screen. After the hectic work, you return back with tired eyes and you will start to stare at mobile phones for relaxing. If you ever felt tired after long hours of staring at a computer screen, then you’re not alone. Digital screens emit blue light, and it leads to various health-related issues. Also, most of people can’tescape having to use tablets, phones and computers in our everyday life. Using digital screens has become a part of our life. The best way to protect your eyes from blue light is by using blue light blocking glasses.  It helps to reduce potential damage to the retina from prolonged exposure to blue light. Some people started to worry about the health effects of blue light emitting from screens. For this reason, more people started wearing blue light glasses. Still, many people are unaware of the blue light glasses. Here are a few things you need to know at the right time for wearing blue light glasses.

Outside the house:        

Blue light is not only emitted from the digital screens, it presents everywhere. Blue light is found naturally in sunlight. Exposure to the sun can provide Vitamin D. But you should be also aware of the light that impacts your eyes. So, you can wear the blue light blocking glasses while moving outside the home. The blocking lenses allow a healthy amount of blue light into your body and block the harmful amounts. Also, be careful while buying the glasses as not all lenses are created equal.

Computer Use:

If your full-time work is using computers or laptop, then it is advised to wear glasses. Most of the working employees at least work eight or more hours a day looking at the computer screen. A lot of time to be exposed to the blue light that is emitted from the screens. It can lead to uncomfortable side effects, including headaches and dry eyes. It helps to reduce digital eye strain.

blue light blocking glasses

Around the house:

Many would not wear blocking glasses inside the house. But keep in mind that LED lightbulbs and televisions both emit light. If you spend time watching televisions, then consider using the blocking lenses. It helps to minimize the exposure to blue light from this source, which can be a great step towards preventions.

Smartphones and tablets:

Most people spend maximum hours using smartphones. The screens on the handheld devices emit blue light. To reduce the harmful effects while using your favorite devices, wear the blocking blue light glasses. Thus, keeps your eyes healthy and reduce digital eye strain with a pair of blue light glasses.