June 22, 2021

What SCF can Provide: A Company for Storage Containers

What SCF can Provide A Company for Storage Containers

SCF’s 20ft Cool Room offers outstanding on-site climate-controlled storage. For temperature-sensitive products. Using validated technologies in our larger 41ft, 46ft, and 48ft refrigerated tanks. The smaller model allows greater versatility for restricted space. Also, for short-term activities or those with limited storage requirements. Cool Rooms come with F-Tracks to protect cargo when in transport.  To cut corrosion to the interior of the jar. This is complemented by internal scuff plates and flush-mounted parts. Inner luminescent escape protection stickers guarantee the safety of your workers.

The machine can also be used to carry or stack up to 16 shipping containers. With the inclusion of vertical load bars. These cool rooms are accessible for rent or selling. Plus, they are a versatile option for storing your products at temperature. Designed with excellent temperature control and ventilation. The temperature is controlled by minimizing the time of operation of the system. Minimizing the use of energy and lowering costs.

Some industrial companies use these storage containers to its extent. here are some companies that use high cube container for their personal or company use:

  • Constructions
  • Agriculture and Farming
  • Hospitality
  • Furniture
  • Events and Festivals
  • Government Use
  • Logistics
  • Oil and Gas
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Residential
  • Retail
  • Waste

If you are planning to purchase or rent a container and do not know where to start. SCF services are very suitable for you. Crafted with outstanding temperature regulation and ventilation. Temperature is easily controlled with a decreased running time of the equipment.      Lessening the use of power and expense. It has more than 50 container types. This is designed to accommodate a wide variety of particular loads. SCF delivers services to a wide variety of sectors. To help deliver sustainable and personalized container options for short-and long-term initiatives. Anything from packaging and shipping to housing, SCF got you covered.

SCF is a provider of leading Australian logistics firms. Together with our +25 decades of work expertise. The servers understand the value of efficient, affordable, and implode refrigeration. The range of refrigerated shipping crates is designed only for the end. Furthermore, they provide flexibility in capacity choices and measurements to meet your needs.

Shipment process

  • Tilt Tray is

Tilt tray delivers a bottle from the rear of the vehicle. Close to a tow truck. The tray is manually dropped at an inclination and the container is lowered. With the truck going forward at a sluggish speed.

  • Side Loader for

Side loaders are used to carry our 20 foot and 40-foot tanks. This is the safest form of distribution for containers at sites. With minimal room either in front of or behind the location where the shipment is to be placed.

  • Hiab cranes

These raise containers from a framework mounted behind the cabin of the vehicle. This is intended for smaller shipping containers. Typically, up to 20 ft, or where there is insufficient room for side loaders or tilt trays.