June 22, 2021

Why You Must Consider Playing Paper IO Games Online?

paper io

Playing games online is really good for you! There’re several emotional, social, and cognitive advantages for playing games online. One game that is liked by many players and is fun to play is paper io.

Paper.io is a new game that has adopted .io philosophy and has made people crazy. It is a multiplayer game where an idea is surviving and growing in the game. In a way you play so is just like Pac-Man, even in paper io you have to expand your square’s territory just by forming more squares from the trail and go ahead in the game.

Paper.io gives players the mission to widen their given territory. Players have to go ahead and achieve it by just eliminating other players in the game and circling over the new territories with the cube. This new game has got some unique features that are loved by many players. Let us look at some of them:

Good control

Direction in this game is generally controlled by dragging & touching the device’s screen. Moreover, swipe control offered by its first series, paper.io is upgraded & exchanged, to the joystick style control that players find it extra fun since it gives them a little more control & freedom over their journey they have to go and form new territories.


Game Flow

This game begins with the screen displaying the current character & your high score that will be displayed as the percentage of a highest area that you have conquered in the game. You can select any characters that you have unlocked & then start your game. Make sure you check out all the ways before you start playing the game.

How to Play?

The main goal is to conquer your territory & kill your opponents until you die. Then you will be presented with the opportunity to watch ad and get extra life or you can decline this offer and return to a main screen. There is a twist when other players try to do this same. Just run in their tail and you will destroy them, and remove them from their round. This improves your winning chance.


Thus, these are some of the important things that you need to consider when playing paper io game online. It is a bit brutal stuff, and probably you may die in 10 seconds for the first few rounds. Make sure you check out these beginner’s tips that will help you speed up your game.