June 22, 2021

Fortnite Vs PUBG: Gameplay

In both PUBG and Fortnite games you will not be able to get the formula of battle royale, but the benefit is that both these games are free to play. While you are playing the most popular mode the player lands on the island with 99 other opponents. From that place, they collect gears, weapons for fighting till they kill out all the opponents. If you want to get access to lots of weapons and other things in the game then you buy rare fortnite account sale.

Playzone i.e. the map on which the player is playing gets smaller from time to time. This brings other players close to one another and makes the battle difficult. There is constant damage outside this play zone area and should be avoided. In the game of PUBG, the play area is reduced with the creation of red zones where bombs are being dropped.

The play zone in both the games is circular and in the PUBG mobile game, the gunfights and graphics are so intense that it gives the sense to the player that death is close to you. On the other hand, the Fortnite game has a cartoonish feel. There is a lot more room for creative gaming and maneuvering. This is because it allows the players to create structures that they collect using resources.

 Resources can be collected by hammering away the rocks, trees, or buildings. If the player gets caught up in some open field then there comes a quick tower of size 1X1 that will provide the player enough time to med up or assess the situation. Creating structures in the mobile game of Fortnite is quite difficult as compared to the PC version.

But if you are caught in PUBG mobile unaware then the player will surely get death. So the player is more cautious while playing PUBG and they hide in the bush or behind the trees. Here players can lay down prone on the playground while they get lined up for their next headshot. You need to play very cautiously Fortnite online games.