June 22, 2021

Shopping For a Speaker Stand – What You Should Look For

Shopping For a Speaker Stand - What You Should Look For

While many TV and entertainment stand models include dedicated compartments for certain types of speaker systems, speaker stands can really help improve sound quality. They are designed to optimize sound quality by lifting them off the floor and away from the walls, which can cause distortion. Especially if you are a home theater enthusiast, you should be able to place your surround sound speakers for maximum benefit. Here are some tips for buying speaker stands for your home that are perfect for your needs.


When purchasing acoustic furniture for a freestanding installation from entertainment centers or TV stands, height is often overlooked. Sometimes it is mistakenly considered standard, but it is not for nothing that acoustic furniture is available in various heights. For optimal listening, you need the speakers to be at a height where the speaker’s tweeter is at or near ear level when seated. If you’re not sure where it is, or if there are different types of seating in the room, such as stools and sofas, adjustable speaker stands that allow you to select and change the height may be for you.

The size

You will want to buy acoustic furniture that matches your speakers proportionally; the base of the speaker should be the same size and shape, or just slightly smaller than the top of the speaker stand. You want to make sure the speaker is positioned properly and not overloading it.

speaker stands


The speaker cabinets should be well designed so that there is no vibration, wobble, or the danger of the speakers not being properly supported in any way. The most popular building materials for speaker stands are wood and metal. Look for acoustic furniture that uses quality materials and reliable manufacturing methods. The stands must be able to support the weight of the speakers; Please check the product information if you are not sure. In addition to the standard speaker stands, there are several stand models designed for a specific type of speaker, for example, center channel speaker cabinets.


To make sure the speaker cabinets suit you and your setup, think about the features you would like to have in your new racks. Some common features of speaker stands:

  • some kind of cable management system to keep cables / wires hidden from view
  • additional mounting brackets of different sizes
  • steel spikes on the top plate to reduce sound vibrations
  • carpet spikes for added stability
  • rubber feet for use on parquet floors

There are several types of speaker stands. The layout of your room will determine what is best for you. There are separate satellite speaker stands that are ideal for placing around the listener to create surround sound. They are usually height adjustable, so the speaker can be positioned at the desired height for optimal sound. The best satellite studs have spikes at the base that are driven into the carpet or floor surface to minimize vibration and maximize the transmission of vibration through the support to the floor.