June 22, 2021

Tips to Know When Buying Paint by Numbers

Paint by numbers sets have made this on a list of best hobbies of 2020. It is one amazing way to paint and overcome your fear of painting. Picture will be divided in many different parts, and marked with one number; you only need to paint that number, which matches to its corresponding numbered color. The beautiful picture will emerge out & result will be quite astounding.

It is one of the most productive and innovative way of spending your time in the current pandemic. Suppose you had a small artist hidden in you but did not nurture it, it is a perfect opportunity of exploring this side of your with original source. Paint by numbers kits canvas are used by adults, children, and older people too, irrespective of their expertise. You may design your own paint by number sets too.

Choose your canvas carefully

Nobody wants to paint on the surface that is creased, flimsy, and can’t stay straight? The canvas is a base, and structure of the artwork. It should be in a best condition to achieve the best results. Quality must be strong so it does not crease. In a few kits this canvas is rolled or folded very tightly that one will not take out the creases or constant turning of that canvas. It is irritating and distracting. I will suggest when ordering and buying one, opt for the framed one. It can save up a lot of your time since it is stretched, ironed and prepped, all ready to start.

Easy Ways to Make Your Paint by Numbers Appear Better

Start from the top

One challenging thing for the amateur artist is how and where to start. There are a lot of different approaches to it but the right approach is doing this in a descending order; starting from its top. Suppose you’re right handed, you can start from its top left corner. Doing so can ensure that there is not any smudging & painting goes very smooth.

Take largest area first to smallest and darkest to lightest color

This is an important tip when having fun on your numbers canvas, begin with just one color & fill all spaces with it, and commencing from largest area & work out your way to smallest one. Well, it saves you more time & energy that you can waste on washing each time you switch the paint pots & not to forget struggle it needs to clean your brushes, and get rid of paint traces.